День рождения: 08 августа 1948 года

О себе

I was adrift.

I'd just broken up with my longterm girlfriend, Grace. It was a familiar story. We'd met in high school and stayed together for far too long. She wasn't a bad person — in fact she was lovely — but we were a bad match. Though beautiful and creative she was uptight, anxious, and by the end of the relationship, codependent. I could tell we were holding each other back. And there was something else.

The sex.

It had never been great. She was shy, conservative. She had trouble getting wet. We would often end up giving each other hand jobs rather than have full intercourse. All of this is theoretically fine, but I just felt like we were missing out on so much. Plus, we were physically a bad match. I was dark, short, strong, with a thick patch of chest hair. She was thin, willowy, fair, with thin limbs and small breasts. We just didn't do it for each other.

Towards the end of the relationship, someone else had caught my eye. Melanie. She first caught my eye at a big loft party. I'd seen her around before, it seems like we ran in similar circles. She was pretty, with dark hair, nice full lips, smooth skin, and large green cat-like eyes. But this time was different. She had gained weight. As I saw her happily chatting with a group of friends, I leered at her new shape. Her previously sizeable breasts had grown into huge heavy hangers. Her hips had widened, thighs thickened, her ass had plumped out. Her belly had grown to a squishy band of flesh below her lovely big tits. Her arms strained against the then sweater sleeves. Where before she'd been a sweet little treat, now she was a feast.

We smiled at each other, and later in the evening engaged in some small talk. She had an exhibition she wanted me to see, I was working on a script, this that, whatever. Nothing to right home about. But there was a palpable energy of mutual lust passing between us.

Before I left, to head home to another chilly night with Grace, she handed me a scrap of paper with her number.

«You should call me," she said with a coy smile. „See what happens."

But I didn't call. Not right away. Because the other shoe was about to drop.

Hope had been fucking her neighbour. For months. I couldn't understand why she hadn't told me before, as we'd been having by a thread for a long time. But maybe she was scared. We broke up and I moved out, and after a few weeks of pain I started to feel happy. Free. And so so horny.

I started jerking off 3 times a day. I'd been repressed for too long. It was summer and I spent hours sitting on patios and street corners, drooling over fat asses in short shorts and yoga pants, big sweaty tits in tank tops, women bending over showing me their big behind or tangling cleavage. I had a perpetual boner. But I was still too raw to try anything.

I finally ran into Melanie one afternoon like that. I was early fall now but still warm and sunny out. I was sipping an americana at a shady cafe, watching a woman struggle to find something in her purse, giving me a clear view of a her big jiggly cleavage.

"Like what you see?"

I turned an there was Melanie, sitting beside me. She looked good. She was wearing a flow skirt that hugged her generous hips, and a tank top that flashed just enough cleavage but clung to her massive titties. I was caught.

"It's okay, she has nice tits. So do I, though."

She thrust them out for me.

'Yeah, you do. Very nice."

"You never called me."

"Yeah, sorry. I was still dealing with my ex."

"I get it. I'm not mad or anything. Just wish you had called."

"Is to too late?"

She thought for a moment, running her hand through her long hair, showing he a flash of her hairy armpits.

"No, not too late. But it'll cost you."

"How much?"


She got up and turned to go.

"Looking forward to hearing from you."

I went home and jerked off, summing so hard my cum shot out across the room.


The conversation was brief. She said she was "in the middle of something“ but we could meet the next night at a bar near her place. She was direct, not unpleasant. Afterwards my cock was rock hard.


How to describe the feeling as I walked through the chill night air from my new apartment to the bar… I had always been pretty omnivorous in my taste in sexual partners. Different styles, different kinds of connections, and of course, different bodies. But I felt something had been awakened in me. After several years of surviving on the meagre morsels of sexual gratification of my last relationship, Melanie represented a true feast: the lush body, the rampant horniness, the frank, direct expression of desire. It was like throwing gasoline on an ember, and I was bursting into flame.


When I arrived she was already there, sitting at a small table against the wall, candle aglow, a carafe or red wine on the table.

„I hope you don't mind," she said, pouring me a glass.

"Not at all."

"Just felt right, for the occasion."

"To the occasion"

We clinked glasses and drank. The wine was good, smoky and sweet.

"So, you're a writer."

"Trying to be. I'd love to write for tv. Right now I'm ghost-writing choose your own adventure books."

"That's so fun! I used to love those as a kid."

"Yeah, they're pretty simple once you figure out the formula."

She leaned forward, her crossed arms pushing her succulent tits up over her neckline.

"Say, why don't they have those for adults?"

"I don't know. Maybe adults are just more decisive."

"Well, some are. They know just what they want. Other putter around for years, unable to make decisions, or to go after the thing they truly desire. I'd say I'm definitely the former, for better or for worse."

"I can see that."

She slipped off her shoe and slid her foot up my leg.

"So? Which are you?"

I took a long sip of wine.

"I think I've been a putterer for years. I was in a not-so-great situation because I was afraid of going after what I knew would really make me happy. I learned to live with less. But now, I'm not wasting any more time. Now, I'm a… goer-afterer."

She but her foot on my rigid cock.

"I see. Well, Mr. Goer-Afterer. Do you want to fuck me?"

I downed my wine.


We stopped on the way back to kiss in a doorway. She was a hungry kisser, pressing her lips into mine, penetrating my mouth with her thick tongue. She pulled my head down to kiss and bite her neck, then stroking my hair as she shoved my face into her tits. I put my hands on her waist, feeling the soft flesh, then started to move them up to breasts.

"Pause. Let's go."



Her place was nice, though I can't say I really took it in much just then. It was smallish, just a few rooms, with plaster walls and wooden mouldings. The furniture looked vintage but in good shape, there were artistic photos and abstract paintings on the wall.

She offered me a glass of water and a change to catch my breath. She turned on a lamp and threw a scarf over it, then but on some breathy folk music.

She walked over to me and gently pushed me against the wall. I put down my water glass. She kissed me once on the mouth, then started to undress. She pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her two massive bosoms in a lacy black bra. Her arms were chubby, and her belly was soft and smooth. She undid the tab on her jeans and slid them down, kicked them off. She's been wearing high heels and without them she was quite short, maybe 5'1 or 5'2. I probably only had 6 inches on her but it was enough to let me loom over her. She kicked the jeans away and I could see that the bra matches her black lacy panties, which look truly obscene on her. They were cut high, barely covering her crotch, allowing her pubic hair to escape out the sides. She turned and showed me her massive fleshy ass, which was nonetheless smooth and fairly firm. She spread her legs and bent over, allowing me a view of her barely covered pussy.

She was soaked. The crotch of her panties were dripping and there was juice running down her legs.

She stood up and walked back over, put my hands on her big huge tits. God they were heavy. She reached behind and undid her bra, and let it fall away. Her tits dropped a couple of inches, as did my jaw.

They were immense. I lifted them up, feeling the awesome weight. Her areolas were pale, her nipples pinker nubs. She pinched the to make them harden, and the whole area crinkle up in that way that drives me wild.

She turned around and rubber her ass into my crotch, and puts my hands around her and onto her tits. This was heaven.


I pulled off my clothes as quickly as I good without looking desperate. Jacket, t-shirt, jeans on the floor. She turned and did my boxer-briefs for me, first reaching her hand in to grab my cock and stroke it softly, they cup my balls.

"This is beautiful. Has anyone ever told you you have a beautiful cock?"

"No, actually."

"It's really aesthetically pleasing."

"Thanks. That's actually… wow, that's a nice compliment."

She put her hand on my face.

"The rest of you ain't bad either."

She kissed me, then led me by the hand into the bedroom.

The first thing she did was sort of half-crawl on the bed, sticking her big ass you at me. I wrapped around her and ground the underside of my cock into the space between her massive cheeks, fucking up and down. She shoved back into me. I threaded my dick through the fabric of her panties and fucked some more. She reached around and tender stroked my cock. I grabbed her hanging, wobbly tits from behind and humped away at her harder to make them sway.

I could tell my balls were already swelling with semen, so I backed off, turned her arounds and pushed her back on the bed. I pulled down her panties, which were soaked, and left them hanging off one of her ankles. Then I climbed between her thighs.

In moments my tongue was on her click, stroking and flicking. She was moaning, squirming. She grabbed her big tits and pulled gently on her nipples. I kept licking, rhythmically but speeding up. I slid a finger into her pussy and began rubbing the front wall where her g-spot was. This lit her up.


I slid another finger in. We were panting in rhythm.


I put in a third finger. That did with. She erupted, spraying her juices in my face like a busted open fire hydrant on a hot summer day.

I was surprised, but pleased. I'd never made a woman squirt before.

"Oh, I should have told you. I'm a squirter!"

"Yeah. I guess so."

"Come here."

She kissed me, tongue in my mouth again, hand on the back of my neck.

With her other hand she grabbed my big prick and lowered her head to it. She sucked and licked. She pushed me back on the bed and bobbed her head up and down my cock, one hand stroking in tandem with her lips, the other cupping my balls.

"I won't last long at this rate."

"Good. You wanna cum on my face or tits?"

"Uh, both?"

She rolled over and pulled my on top of her. I straddled her body and she held her tits together for fucking. I fucked them like a maniac, my dick disappearing between those squashed together pillows. Her tongue was out, ready.

I came like a volcano, Squirting a shot that landed in a line from her hair down across one eyes and onto her tongue. I raised up and squirted more on her tits and nipples. She licked the cum off her lips and swallowed, then rubbed the rest into her skin.


I flopped beside her. This was the first time I'd been naked with someone since Grace and we had never really enjoyed the afterglow. Melanie held my head to her chest and stroked my hair.

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"That was pretty fucking hot."

"You're so sexy, Melanie. I'm in love with the way you fuck."

"We just got started. And I'm glad you like me. I thought maybe you weren't into…"

She trailed off and stays silent for a while, then she sits up.

"What's wrong?"

"Is this a rebound thing for you?"

"What? No…"

"Because I know how guys are."

"I really like you, Melanie."

"Well good. Sorry, I'm just in a weird place. With my body. My last relationship ended because, well… I guess I've gained some weight. And I just saw my mom, who can be pretty critical."

I sit up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist, my forearms squishing against her belly.

"I think you're the hottest woman I've ever been with. There's not a thing wrong with the way you look. Or feel."

I was pushing it. I grabbed her roll of flesh in my hands. I slid against her so she could feel my hardening dick against her back.

"Wow, are you ready again?"

"I'm not usually this, er, responsive. But something about you…"

She turned her head and kissed me over her shoulder. I laid her down and climbed between her thighs and started to fuck her slowly. She was still wet as hell, and I started blaming harder, feeling my balls slap against her ass.

She flipped on top, looming over me and she pounded herself onto my cock. I watched her gargantuan tits as they bounced on her chest. I slid my hands under them and felt the damp warmth there. I lifted them up. She grabbed them and pressed them against her chest, then tweaked and pulled her nipples. She was speeding up. I put man hands on her ass, squeezing her big cheeks as she pounded and pounded and…

Boom. We both came. I pumped gallons of cum into her as she let a monsoon erupts out of her. The bed was soaked. We were drenched in sweat. She fell beside me, spent. And I drifted off into the deepest sleep in years.


End of Part One