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«Hey there, I'm Samuel," he said, smiling sweetly at her. „Want to see some magic?“ Samuel asked, his eyes warmed as Christine weakly nodded. „Watch," waving his left hand over hers removing the sign of her illness from existence. His heart nearly broke when it took so much effort for her to simply smile. "Would you mind if I healed her?“ Samuel asked, looking up at her parents.

„What?! How can you do such a thing when we have tried everything we know?“ Wade asked, his dark brown eyes stared down at the strange man in front of his daughter.

„Because I know magics that have been lost to the sands of time for I am her Herald," Samuel said, as politely as he could. "Trust in me, I will heal your daughter.“ The fires of his resolve burned brightly in his eyes.

„Please do something for our daughter!“ Trista said, laying a steadying hand on her daughter's left shoulder. Her eyes pleaded with Samuel to save her only child.

„Be at ease, I will not harm you," Samuel said softly, looking directly into Christine's eyes.

"O-okay," Christine whispered. Wondering how she could get eyes like his. Watching as he placed his left hand on her forehead, while his right rested on her chest. Christine stared in awe as she watched his azure aura suddenly flare into existence. She thought it was pretty as it cloaked his body.

Wade's head shot up as thunderheads rapidly formed, lightning violently arcing amongst those towering clouds. The trees swayed angrily as the wind picked up. Holding his wife close as they felt this strange man's magic sparking to life all around them. Then just as quickly as the elements roared to life they suddenly returned to their slumber. Trista gasped beside her husband as they watched a white holy glow replace the azure one that had been shrouding his body. Watching how it slowly migrated from his body to cover their daughter's.

"Mommy, I feel weird?!“ Christine said, a tinge of fear creeping into her voice as she stared at her hands.

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"Relax, the light is healing you, be brave just a little bit longer, okay?“ Samuel said. „You can do that right? Be that strong girl for your parents once again?“ Smiling warmly at her as Christine set her jaw and gave him a stout nod. „Woe to those who try to date her in the future," Samuel chuckled to himself. His eyes studied her as color started to return to her cheeks. Her breathing didn't sound as labored in his ears. Her heartbeat was growing steadily stronger as the tumor within it began to shrink.

"How long will this take?“ Sighed a moody teenager behind Wade.

„It will take as long as it takes, now be silent David," Wade hissed at the boy two rows behind him.

Samuel heard the smack across the back of the boy's head. Smiling warmly as his keen hearing picked up how she was breathing easier than before. Closing his eyes pouring his magic into that holy light, feeling the lingering touches of her illness hanging on; but Samuel would not be deterred! He would heal Christine! Even if he had to stay there all night to do it. Slowly but surely that white glowing aura slowly rose up Christine's shins, up her thighs, along her chest before returning back to Samuel.

"That should do it for now, but I'll need to do another healing in an hour to make sure everything is gone. Once I'm confident everything is, your daughter will live a nice long, healthy life," Samuel said, looking up at her parents as he rose.

"Baby, how do you feel?“ Wade asked, kneeling down beside his daughter. His hand rubbing lightly along her back.

„Are you lightheaded?“ Trista asked, squatting down at Christine's left side. Her eyes studying her daughter's face, the way she was breathing, how her body seemed stronger than it has in months as she stood between them.

„No Mommy," Christine said, shaking her head. "It doesn't hurt to breath anymore. My heart isn't doing that thing either," she said, as she placed her hands over her heart feeling it's steady beat.

"No pain, or anything?!“ Wade prayed. Prayed that this strange man could do what they themselves couldn't.

„No Daddy, I feel much better," Christine said, smiling sweetly at her father.

"And you say, you just need one more healing in an hour and our daughter will be healed?“ Trista asked, looking up at Samuel. Praying that he wasn't some snake oil salesman preying on their desire to save their daughter.

„Yes, in one hour," Samuel said, with a stern nod. He so wasn't prepared for the crushing hug they threw around him. He also tried to hide the pain of using such a holy spell given what he was now. However, it was all worth it as that cute face of hers looked up at him. Samuel could see the childhood innocence still locked into those blue-green eyes of hers. He hoped that innocence would last for many years to come, yet he also knew Labo was still out there and posed a serious threat to them all. Although, that threat was soon to be put down… once and for all.

"Mommy," Christine cooed tugging on the hem of her mother's shirt.

"Yes sweetness, what is it?“ Trista asked, looking down at her daughter.

„I'm hungry!“ Christine cried out, her smile reaching those dazzling eyes of hers.

„Well then, how about we go fix that, hmm?“ Trista reached down plucking her daughter from the ground holding her tightly to her chest. Breathing heavily into her neck silently thanking Samuel for saving their daughter. She and Wade didn't know how they would have lived without her. Now that wasn't even a thought they had to worry about anymore. Whatever this Samuel wanted from them, she and Wade were going to make sure the man got whatever he wanted. Whatever he asked for paled in comparison to the life of their only child.

„Yes please Samuel, why don't we all get out of this sun," Lola said, gesturing for Samuel to enter her home, while waving sweetly at her niece as Trista passed her. Ever since she was a child she had a gift of detecting the undead and spirits that haunted the bayou that surround her family's land. It had saved their family numerous times when less savory witches thought to subjugate her and her family years prior. While he wasn't fully one of the undead since Samuel had no trouble standing in the sun, and she saw no hint of him wishing to harm anyone when she was at that ritual of his. Still it piqued her curiosity as to why he would join them. Like Marie they knew of the vampires that inhabited the city, and just like Marie's, her family avoided them as much as they could, given Marie's family's past dealings with their kind. Reaching out her left hand, resting it in the nook of Samuel's elbow as the rest of her family filed into their home. Bringing up her right index and middle fingers to her lips, noticing how Marie stood on Samuel's left side. Muttering under her breath, modifying her wards to allow Samuel admittance to her home without him bursting into a giant ball of fire. "There that should allow you inside," Lola said, flashing Samuel a knowing smile.

"Come now Herald, did you think your secret was a secret from me?“ Lola asked, trying not to smirk at his shocked look. „When you live long enough in a city inhabited by the undead you tend to notice the hints," she said, with a sly smirk as her left hand gently, seductively danced lightly down Samuel's back. "Fear not, I don't hold this against you. However, I would like to hear why you chose to become like this; if my family is to join yours, our families should have no secrets from one another," Lola said, hoping he took her words to heart.

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The entrance to Lola's family home still held the grandeur of the days of yore when such grand balls were held within those stately manners. When hordes of maids' and butlers' would work tirelessly to keep the dust and grime from marring their employers' fine furniture. Now, however, where once numerous underlings would have seen to the cleaning of that grand house, magic-infused items wiped, polished, swept, dusted, and even took the garbage out working nonstop to keep that ancient home as pristine as the day it was built. Samuel watched as the enchanted items went about their work, noting how Lola's family paid them no mind. Then again, they were probably so used to seeing the sight that they never thought how marvelous it all was. Then the movie Fantasia popped into his mind knowing how disastrous it could become if the magic was left unchecked. Although, the thought of never having to wash a single dish again was highly appealing to him.

"Please, this way Samuel," Lola said warmly, directing Samuel towards the grand ballroom where they had turned it into an auditorium for the day so they could voice their questions. While she was indeed the head of her family, even she had to govern by the will of the majority. If she went against the wishes of her family then that could lead to her family's doom and expose them to the world of man. Even though there hadn't been a witch hunt in over four hundred years, that didn't necessarily mean mortal man wouldn't persecute them all over again. Lola wasn't about to be the cause of her family's downfall.

"After you Samuel," Marie cooed, shooting Samuel a coy, seductive smirk after she pushed the double doors of the ballroom open. Her emerald eyes dipped low savoring Samuel's ass as he passed her.

"Mmm, cousin," Lola whispered into Marie's right ear. "You did bring me something yummy," a hungry light glinted in her brown eyes as she pulled away.

"Just you wait until you feel his magic at work on your body," Marie whispered in want. Muttering to Lola at how many orgasms Samuel had given her and Ines. Watching the burning hunger turn into a licentious conflagration in her cousin's eyes.

"That many?!“ Lola asked in stunned awe. She could feel her cunt throbbing eager to experience what he could actually do to a woman's body. Her cheeks were on fire as Samuel peered over his shoulder wearing a smirk that told them he heard everything as he moved to the center of the room. „We'll talk more later, alright?“ Gently swaying her hips as she moved past Samuel, letting him see how her ass moved under her dress. Sharing a nod with Marie before taking her place on the throne that every head of the household has used since time immemorial. „Now everyone please let us formally greet Samuel," Lola said, directing her family as her teal painted nails glistened in the light as the tips of her fingers dragged up the end of the armrest. Her eyes studying the man before her. Knowing how her family would, if chosen, wield such magic should Samuel pass into the next world. Her eyes glanced to the right as her brother rose from his seat. Noticing how Christine was nibbling on an apple strudel pastry. Pleased to see her niece's appetite returning. She knew how her lack of hunger had worried Wade and Trista. This one thing she could never repay Samuel for.

"Please don't take what I'm about to ask unkindly given what you have just done for me and my wife," Wade said, gesturing to Trista. "Yet the question remains: why come to us? What could we possibly have to offer someone who is obviously beyond powerful?"

"I might be powerful," Samuel said, looking over at Wade. "But I am only one man, and I can only do so much. I can't be everywhere at once, and with what is going to take place tonight I'll need all the hands I can get to protect my family and Marie's," he said, his hand waved to Marie as she sat off to the left of him.

"Samuel? What is it about tonight that you have planned for us?“ Lola asked, her interest piqued by the serious look in his eyes.

„Tonight you become like me," Samuel said matter-of-factly. "That is if you and your family agree to this."

"Samuel, I thought you had to wait until the full moon for that?!“ Marie asked, confused.

„For your family yes, that is true," Samuel nodded. "However, your family already has traces of sex magic within them, they," his hand waved around the room, "do not."

"Explain," Wade said, arching an eyebrow. "What do you mean by sex magic?"

"Hmm… how to explain," Samuel muttered, dropping his chin into his hand. "As my aunt tells it, my family can trace our origins back to the Golden Age of Greece. Where men and women of my line were priests and priestesses of the goddess Hekatê. Where, like all the others of her sect, they practiced magic, yet unlike them, my ancestors delved into the magic that surrounded sex. Over the years, it became so engrained in our very being we couldn't live without it. Which wasn't a problem back then when there were hordes of us around. Nevertheless, that all changed when the witch hunts began and well… my family, including me, are the last of the true sex witches on this planet. That is why Hekatê ordered me to travel to the south to re-forge her sect," Samuel said, gesturing once again at Marie. "But… a threat looms, a threat that cannot stand, she won't allow it."

"This she, you speak as if you're on speaking terms with a goddess?!“ asked a very perplexed man that sat to the right of Samuel.

„I should be given how she's in my head twenty-four-seven."

"So if we agree to join you and Marie's family what would that mean for us?“ asked a curious woman.

„Your every day life would go unchanged, albeit you will need to have sex at least once a day for the adults in the room and our magic can only be performed by those of the same sect. I don't think you all will have a problem with that," Samuel said, casting the group a coy smile. "Those below the age of eighteen won't have to worry about that until they come of age, then and only then must they feed on the well of magic that forms when a man and woman are joined. But this only pertains to your family," he said, his eyes falling on Lola. "Since I'll have to forge you all into sex witches if you agree to join us."

"What is this well you speak of Samuel?“ Lola asked, curious as to what he meant. Never in all her years has she heard anything like it.

„It's were the arcane of our people's magic condenses and expands our world and feeds us life, however, every year thereafter, if you agree to join, you must re-forge your pact with Hekatê. If you fail to do this it means death, not just for you, but for everyone within your family," Samuel said, allowing the weight of their choice to fully set in. "However, the price is worth the reward that awaits you.“ His glowing cobalt eyes ran over the group. „That being said, if there comes a time when Hekatê calls upon me, where I lead you must follow; which in hindsight might not be now, or a year from now, but there will come a time and you must be ready. Other than that she is content with allowing you and your family to continue on as you are."

"Tell us Samuel, since there cannot be any secrets between us," Lola said, her voice carrying the weight of absolute authority she held over her family. "Just how did you become… half undead?“ Holding up her hand as her family began to speak out. They needed to know just who he was and why he became like this.

„Labo tried to kill me," Samuel sighed, wishing she had asked in private. "Thought she could use a zombie spell to make me hers. For reasons I won't go into… one: since I've agreed to keep what happened there secret and it really doesn't affect yours or Marie's family since I'm the only one involved. So with Nimue's intervention, this was the only way to save my life and to break the spell she attempted to put on me," he said, his hard eyes cut into Lola.

"This spell was it in response to how you humiliated her in front of her own people?“ Lola asked, remembering their chat they had after the ritual she was invited to witness.

„I believe so," Samuel nodded.

"Why?!“ asked a confused teenager off to his left.

„Because, compared to me, she is weak, and ambushing me was the only way she could hope to defeat me," Samuel said plainly. Looking down as tiny feet rushed along the floorboards as Christine ran to stand in front of him.

"Can I get eyes like yours?!“ Christine asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

„Yeah, what is the deal with your eyes man, they're kind of creepy," said one of the teenage boys in the group.

"It comes with being the Herald of Hekatê," Samuel said, looking over at the boy. "So you like my eyes?“ he asked, kneeling down, smiling warmly at Christine as she nodded vehemently. „Did you know that they're infused with the arcane?"

"Really?!“ Christine was awestruck.

„Mmmhmm," Samuel nodded, "when she chose me as her Herald every cell of my body was and is saturated in raw arcane energy; which caused my eyes to become like this, they used to be brown. So how are you feeling?“ he asked, his eyes studying her trying to see if he missed anything.

„I'm good, really good," Christine beamed at him. Doing a little twirl on the ball of her left foot.

Knowing the hour was nearly upon them, Samuel glanced at Christine's parents who nodded in understanding. "Now hold still for just a moment," Samuel said softly, reaching out placing his hands in the exact same position as before. Biting back the pain of using the same holy magic as it covered Christine's body. He could feel it burning at his vampiric cells as the minutes wore on.

"Samuel?!“ Marie exclaimed nervously. Looking around the room as small orbs of light began to fill the room.

„Relax, they won't harm you if you don't touch them," Samuel said, not taking his focus off the task at hand no matter how much it hurt him.

"But what are…" Lola's voice grew still as the room grew dark and the only light was coming from those small floating orbs.

"Be at ease mortals.“ Hekatê's voice floated on the air.

„Samuel, what's the meaning of this?!“ Lola asked, fearful that this was some sort of trap meant to harm or kill them. She rose from the throne preparing to defend her family.

„I told you to be at ease," Hekatê growled, forcing Lola back to her seat. Everyone, except Samuel and Christine, was glued to their seats as her translucent image appeared before Lola. The hood of her cloak draped down her face stopping at the tip of her nose. Her ruby lips curved into a smile as Samuel peered over the top of Christine's head. The black cloth ran down her chest allowing the sides of her bouncing breasts to be seen as she approached Christine's back. Christine's small head hid her naked womanhood from his eyes as Hekatê placed her hands on the girls shoulders. "Hello my Herald.“ Hekatê's voice was soft and sweet as the arcane ebbed and flowed around her form. „Such a sweet child you have chosen to save, and your pain is the cost of using such a spell," her lucent hand brushed along Christine's hair. Samuel kept Christine's attention on him. He had no idea why she was here. This was only the second time she had actually shown herself in the real world. What could possibly bring her to the material realm? "I expect nothing less from my Herald. That is why I chose you before you were born," Hekatê cooed. As her hand moved from the crown to the back of Christine's head all pigment drained from her hair leaving snow-white locks in its place. "I couldn't ask for a better future high priestess," the goddess said as her image began to fade. "Soon Samuel, very soon the blood moon shall rise. Be sure to teach that woman that it's not wise to threaten my coven.“ Her voice was but a whisper that only Samuel's ears could pick up.

„Samuel?! Just what was that?!“ Marie asked, trying to keep her body from trembling at what she and all the rest had felt.

„That was Hekatê," Samuel said matter-of-factly.

"And just what did she do to my daughter?!“ Trista asked, her eyes frantic, her husband's hands on her shoulders as he kept her back. Knowing she couldn't interrupt the healing Samuel was performing on their daughter.