О себе

You know, video game peripheral designers might not have considered that someone would be using their stuff to learn to strip so that they didn't lose their penis. If they had, those floor pads for dance games would have been sturdier and wouldn't say you didn't tap the X button even though you totally did. Which was why I was currently flipping off the television with both hands and shouting «Come on! I nailed that you piece of shit!"

That's the long way of saying things weren't going great, overall. I could get a decent rhythm going, and was even getting used to anticipating which way my boobs would go and working with them rather than against them, but the stupid game kept screwing me over. "I almost had high score there!“ I turned around to look at Jasmine who was supervising from the couch.

She frowned, crunched a carrot, and shook her head. „The score doesn't really matter, sweetie. You have bigger problems.“ She looked pointedly at the bra on the floor and then the rest of the clothes in turn.

What was she talking about? I was practicing to be a stripper, I had to strip. „Uhm, I don't get it. Could you help me out?“ I paused the game so it would shut up, and turned to face her. Jasmine's good mood was all that was keeping my penis locked in a metal cage (which I had mixed feelings about) and not turned into a vagina (which I had definite feelings about), so I was pretty invested in keeping her happy and played it cool.

„Well, it's supposed to be a strip *tease.* You on the other hand tear your clothes off like they're on fire in the first fifteen seconds of every song. Then you just sort of… march in place and flail boobily for the next three or four minutes. I can blame part of that on the game, but watching you juggle your tits for three minutes gets old. Even though they are amazing tits."

I blushed and bit my lip and nodded as Jasmine continued. "You want to work the crowd. Tease them, get them horny, make them give you the money to take the next piece of clothing off. You're giving them the whole show for free. It's very male fantasy, you'll be popular as hell with those jugs flopping all over the place, but you won't make much money."

"Huh, okay.“ I was starting to see her point. I loved playing with my tits. Even when it made my cock try to get hard and push against its cage it still felt so good it cut the pain down to something manageable. But Jasmine had a point. It was like I was fast forwarding through the talking part of a porno. Okay if you were jerking off by yourself, but you didn't do it if you were trying to get your girlfriend in the mood. „I need to, like, pace myself."

"Yeah, exactly.“ Jasmine actually gave me an approving nod. „Put your bra, shirt, panties and skirt back on."

I reassembled my outfit while Jasmine did something on her phone. Once I was clothed I stood up straight and she nodded at me. "Okay, every time there's a chorus you take off one, and only one, piece of clothing. Got it?“ She didn't wait for me to answer, and a tinny version of „Pour Some Sugar on Me“ started playing on the phone.

I started the game again and listened for the chorus. I was wearing some of Jasmine's old clothes and they didn't fit that great, but in the middle of the first chorus my top came off. Second chorus the bra hit the floor (thankfully, those things are not comfortable and I was bustier than Jasmine so stuffing my boobs in the cups was an experience). I concentrated on the music and at the third chorus my skirt came off. As the last chorus started my panties came off, and my caged dick came into view. I decided to go for broke and playfully waved at Jasmine before blowing her a kiss and tossing them to her as the song ended.

She snorted a laugh, but also smiled. „That was not terrible. You could have possibly gone to an amateur night and not completely embarassed yourself. Nice job!"

I beamed in gratitude. I had kind of enjoyed that even. When I was imagining people looking at me, seeing me, encouraging me to show more of my skin, it got me all hot and bothered. When I imagined taking my clothes off for their pleasure, showing them my body, and even debasing myself to fulfill their fantasies I got really hot and bothered.

"Now do it again, and move slower. You can't just juggle your tits for the last half of the song either, move around the room, let people see you from different angles."

I frowned, juggling my boobs was pretty awesome. I don't think my brain had gotten used to them yet, and it still felt I was playing with someone else's if I closed my eyes. But I nodded and put my clothes back on, then gave Jasmine another nod when I was ready.

She put me through my paces for awhile. A few different songs, and she even brought out some different outfits for me to try. I was a slutty teacher, a slutty schoolgirl, a slutty librarian, a sluttly nurse, a slutty MILF, and a slutty secretary. I wanted to be a slutty doctor or at least a slutty dentist but I think you need a college degree for that.

I was still pretty damn turned on by the whole thing, but it turns out stripping is also good cardio and I was sweaty and panting (not in a fun way) by the time we were done. My cock also felt like it was going to rip my balls off trying to get an erection in that damn cage, but I wasn't willing to push my luck on it with Jasmine again.

"All right, that's enough practice for today."

I nodded in relief.

"We have some other things we need to take care of, anyway."

And then I cringed in sudden fear. Other things could cover a lot of territory.

"Come on.“ Jasmine stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

I perked up. Maybe a shower was in the future. I hadn't had a shower since I appeared naked in the strip club and Jasmine shaved me, and between blowing dudes, all the time I spent on the floor, and practicing stripping I was starting to feel kind of gross.

„Stand there.“ Jasmine pointed to a spot in front of the mirror over the sink and I shuffled over to stand on the ancient yellow linoleum. I could see my boobs reflected back, with my head above them. It looked like a really weird phone picture filter. Then Jasmine was standing behind me, and reaching her hands up.

I swallowed hard, wondering what was going to happen next. Was she going to give those big funbags a massage? Was lesbian sex on the way? Instead she put her hands on my cheeks, and murmured in my ear. „Stand still, I'm not sure how this works."

I froze. I was pretty sure she knew how lesbian sex worked, so she must be talking about something else. And then I got the worse ice cream headache of my life. Her fingers kind of sunk into my cheeks and she started moving things around. Like bones, my literal bones were being moved around inside my face! I pissed myself right then and there, pee hitting the cage and running down my leg, but Jasmine didn't stop.

I could even hear her voice in my ear, "There, much better. Much more feminine."

My chin was a little pointier, and my face more heart shaped. She ran her fingers over my lips and they were plumper and thicker, and I think a little redder even. I was freaking the fuck out as she moved my cheekbones higher, and even massged my nose a little to give it a cute little button shape.

While my bladder kept trying to find more piss and my brain melted Jasmine kept her monologue going. "Oh, and look at those big, plump lips Alain. They're only good for one thing, you know."

I knew, but had other things on my mind. Her hands wandered down to my throat, and somehow she massaged away my Adam's apple. I knew she was behind me, but all I could see in the mirror were her hands, these disembodied hands, rearranging me and making me look more like a girl. She ran a finger over my eyebrows, and they were thinner and shorter, then she took hold of my hair and pulled back. I had been meaning to get it cut, and it was pretty shaggy, but it was still definitely a dude haircut length. Then it grew. As Jasmine pulled on it my hair got longer until it was down to my shoulders. She frizzed it up, running her hands through it, and when she took them away I had long, curly, definite girl hair.

My brain was still doing one long scream, but I could hear Jasmine's voice in my ear again. "There we go, you want it long enough for pigtails. People will see them and imagine using them as handles as they fuck your little whore mouth. They won't be able to resist when they know they can grab hold of your cute little pigtails and make you give them their money's worth."

Jasmine was rocking her hips and grinding her pussy into the back of my leg, enjoying the hell out of herself. She took one of my hands, then the other, and lifted them up so she could see them in the mirror. She massaged the fingers, working her way down the palm, and they were smaller and more delicate. Where the fuck did the rest of my hand go?! But Jasmine just purred, "There you go. Dicks look so much bigger in tiny hands."

She did the other hand, then smiled and let go of me. My mouth hung open, and I couldn't remember how to breathe. There was a girl version of me, staring back at me in the mirror. I had been a dude with big tits, but still a dude. Now… now… now I was a woman! Unless you got into my pants, you'd think I was totally a chick! I still kind of looked like me, but like my twin sister. My brain couldn't process it, and was just locked into this holding pattern with my mouth hanging open.

Then Jasmine sighed and smiled. "Oh, that's a good idea! One more thing.“ She reached her fingers into my mouth, grabbed my tongue, and pulled. My tongue came out of my mouth, caught, then got longer. Like three inches longer.

Jasmine nodded and licked her lips. „Get in the shower, on your knees. I want to try this out."

Now normally, I am a guy who loves a good box lunch. But the sight of these changes, and my tongue hanging way down past my chin, drool already sliding off of it, made me lose my shit. I freaked the fuck out and turned around. "Change me back!“ I shouted, and my voice was higher, more feminine now. Some part of my brain that still worked figured out she must have done it when she removed my Adam's apple, but that didn't help. The rest of my brain was still in running around hair on fire lizard brain fight or flight mode. „Change me the fuck back!"

I grabbed her hands and put them on my face. "Just, just make it go back! Right now! Or… or… or I'll kick your ass!“ I glared at her, let go of her hands, and gave her a shove.

Jasmine took a step back but then her eyes got really cold, and really wide, and I realized the mistake I made. I shut up and started to apologize right away, but she stepped forward and got all up in my business.

„Oh fuck no, I was being nice and helping you and you threaten me?“ She put her hands back on my face and I flinched, but made myself keep my hands down. Her hands went to work again, and I felt the bones shifting. I kept mumbling apologies, but it didn't matter. When she was done she turned me around, and held my face in front of the mirror. Instead of the cute button nose I had a very upturned nose that looked like a pig's.

Jasmine's reflection glared back at me. „It can get a lot worse, Alain. Don't think it can't. You made the wish, you signed on for this, and that genie loves fucking people over. I've been toeing the line so far, but I can do things to you that are right out of nightmares, and the genie will go right along with it every step of the way.“ She gave my hair a jerk and put her mouth right by my ear. „I might even get a bonus if I do really fucked up shit."

"Yes Jasmine, I'm sorry Jasmine, so sorry, I just freaked out a little…" I kept mumbling apologies and she kept glaring at me.

"Shut up.“ She didn't shout it, just said it very calmly and quietly, which was somehow scarier.

I shut up.

„Clean your piss up off my floor. Take a shower. We're going to a party tonight to meet the club owner, and your name for the night is 'Piggy.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, yes!“ I nodded frantically.

„You answer to Piggy, if anyone asks, your name is Piggy."

"My name is Piggy, I got it, yes, thank you!“ I was babbling now.

„You are going to do whatever you need to do to get a spot dancing at this club. Understood, Piggy?"

I almost broke my neck I was nodding so hard.

"Fine.“ She let go of my hair and stomped out of the bathroom. For a little chick she could make a lot of noise when she wanted to. I let out a long breath and swallowed. My ass unclenched. My armpits were flooded with sweat. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a really cute girl, with a very piglike nose. Who would be meeting people and telling them her name was Piggy. And begging to be allowed to work as a kinky stripper at some weird club. I pulled some toilet paper off the roll and started mopping up my piss as I thought about all the things they might make me do. All the things I kind of sort of hoped that would „make“ me do.

And then I looked down and sighed. Little Al was purple and red from trying to push through the bars of the chastity cage. At least one part of me was having a good time.

-Casey Heart