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Trigger Warning Horror with Clowns. That's right! I said, clowns! The following piece of art may be offensive to some people because it contains rape fantasy, and is not real. Real rape is wrong. This story is intended for those who enjoy rape as a fantasy or role-play and it not intended to be real or to be reproduced in any way. All characters in all of my stories are 18 or over. This is a fantasy. Now there is incest too! Ahahaha.


I jumped in the car, unable to believe I was walking right back into the mess that I had just left. Abi's eyes were filled with fear, even as I sat down next to her and began to sulk. My mother laughed as she watched the interplay between Abigail and me.

„I knew you would come back for her," she laughed. "You always were a sucker for your sister. I think you two have always been a bit more than just sisters if you know what I mean. Here, smoke some more," she had a blowtorch in one hand and a meth pipe in the other. She smoked some meth herself before giving some to Abi and then me. The clown who was driving wanted some and she made sure he got some. I knew better than to say no or argue with my mom. She always won the argument.

"Mom, where are we going?“ I asked as the car turned down an unfamiliar road.

„We are meeting your father to deliver the rest of the clown dolls. We have some of them in the trunk too, but he has the truck and it's full. I need you two to help the clowns deliver them to the customer."

"Who is the customer?“ Abi asked.

„You'll see," our mother said ominously. I tried my best to memorize the turns the car was making just in case I was able to escape with Abigail. I tried my best to think of every possible route of escape that I could, but there really was no escape. My family was shitty and I had recently discovered that they were moving large amounts of methamphetamine to sell by packaging it inside of stuffed clown dolls.

There was a doll that had been stuffed with meth on the seat between Abi and I. The amount of meth in just that one doll was enough to last someone months, maybe even years. I multiplied that by the hundreds of clown dolls that I knew my parents had stuffed with meth and I realized that if my parents got caught, they were going to prison for a long time. Here Abi and I were in the middle of it and they didn't seem to care that they were putting us at risk!

"Okay, stop!“ my mother screamed at the driver. Let's wait here for their father and the other truck. We will drive up together. While we are here, let's get higher.

„Mom, I'm already high!“ I complained.

„I'll tell you when you're high enough!“ she scolded me. Abi looked woozy as she took another hit. I could feel my brain begin to move fast. This wasn't the first time I had used meth. I didn't like it, but my parents were so addicted to it that they couldn't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to use meth. They saw it as a positive, not a negative.

„There's Daddy!“ Abi called out. Her hand grasped mine and I knew that she was as scared as I was. We had never understood why our parents were so fucked up. Instead, we had learned to be afraid of them, to tolerate their bullshit, and to plan our escape. We both wanted out of that house so badly before everything happened. It's too bad things went down the way that they did.

My mother got out of the car and ran to our father. They embraced and shared a few hits of meth before they turned to us. My parents' faces were both painted up like clowns, just like Abi's was. My father wore a red, curly clown wig that matched the red paint of his smile. I could hear them talking but I couldn't make out the words. They laughed as if nothing was out of the ordinary before my mother got back in the car.

„Drive us to the residence," she told the clown in the driver's seat. "I'll paint Janay's face. It's your turn to be a clown with us. Do you understand?"

"No, what do you mean, Mom?“ I asked as she began to paint my face white.

„It's your turn to scare some girls. Doesn't that sound fun? For Halloween?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Your cousins Kennedy and Lara are going to be really scared!"

"I knew I recognized this place!“ Abi squealed. „Mom, why are we doing this to our cousins? Aren't there other people that you want to mess with more?"

"Uncle Scott owes dad some money. We thought this might be a fun way for the drugs to change hands while we also give my favorite nieces a little scare. Lighten up, Janay. You're part of this now."

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"I don't like this!“ I told her.

„You always were the narc," my mom scolded me. "Just loosen up Janay. Let it happen. Don't be so fucking uptight and boring."

"I'm sorry mom! I just think it's weird that you want to fuck our cousins!“ I said flippantly. My mother didn't think about it. She unleashed a backhanded slap right across my face. It stung!

„Now look what you made me do!“ she screamed at me. „Now I have to paint your face all over again.“ She sounded so mad that I held still as she finished my clown makeup. „Janay, I don't want any shit from you, do you understand?"

"I understand, Mom!"

"Don't call me that. Call me 'Slutty the Clown.'" She laughed. "Okay, girls I need you to unload the clown dolls into their kitchen. Not all of them, just enough to scare them."

"What about all the other dolls?“ I asked.

„Don't worry. We have another stop to make after this. We'll drop them all off and collect out money. It'll be easy as long as you girls help us out. Be a part of our family for once.“ She got out and I watched as the other clowns assembled. I counted thirteen clowns, including my family. I wasn't sure who the other clowns were. It was hard to tell with all the makeup on.

„Janay, you look so creepy!“ Abi looked at the makeup my mother had painted on me.

„Do you think this is weird, Abi?“ I asked her.

„Yeah. This is hella weird," she confirmed.

"Come on, everyone. Let's go!“ my mom called. We all crept quietly to the front door and rang the doorbell. My cousin Kennedy had answered the door. She shrieked when she saw all of the clowns there, just as I had done when it happened to me. We pushed our way in and I was shocked as I watched my mother holding one of my cousins down so that my father could fuck her. Kennedy had no idea that it was her own relatives that were doing this to her.

I didn't want to rape anyone and so I sat in the corner, watching, hoping that no one would notice that I wasn't participating. I watched as one of my cousins was put inside of a giant, plastic, blow-up ball. I was pretty sure that it was my uncle who was doing the raping. There was a hole in the ball and he had her pussy up to it so he could fuck her. He pushed his cock through the hole in the plastic and into her pussy.

My other cousin, Lara was being made to suck cock and eat pussy at the same time. My mom had her legs open for my cousin to eat and my dad shoved his cock into her mouth every once in a while for good measure. Abi looked as shellshocked as I was. Another clown grabbed her and began to force himself on her. It was only a matter of time before someone grabbed me and so I turned to run away but found that there was a giant clown right behind me. He grabbed me, sticking his hand up the nightgown I was still wearing and shoving his fingers inside of me.

By the time his dick was in my pussy, my mother had both of my cousins spread out in front of me. She pushed my face into Kennedy's pussy, and then Lara's. I could barely breathe as my mother made me eat their pussies and then thought better of what she was doing and she made me turn around so I could eat her out.

Abi was getting pounded by my uncles, one fucking her pussy and the other fucking her throat. I knew that this was messed up and I wished that there was a way to stop all of it, a way for me to get away with Abi so we never had to deal with shit like this again. We had trusted our parents to take care of us and this was how they were doing it. It just wasn't right.

Abi was now between my legs eating me out and I was slightly disgusted by how much she seemed to love it. Lara dropped to her knees to help Abi lick my pussy and I couldn't help it. I came hard on their mouths, even though I knew it was wrong. My body was bucking and shaking with appreciation and I felt so dirty knowing it was my own family doing this to me.

„We need more clown dicks in these girls!“ my mother screamed and the clowns all stopped what they were doing and moved to us.

„Happy Halloween girls!“ one of them screamed. My cousins and sister scattered, trying to get away from the clowns. The clowns got vicious, chasing each of them down until they had overpowered them. I could hear the sounds of bodies slapping against one another as the clowns raped them. One of the clowns was on top of me. His cock pushed inside of me. I was helpless as he fucked me hard and fast. Another cock was in my mouth and I knew that I had lost the battle.

Clown after clown used me until they found one clown cock at a time inefficient. I was triple-stuffed with clown dicks and it felt so good that I couldn't help but cum multiple times. One of the clowns was honking his stupid clown horn every time I had an orgasm.

„Another orgasm from another little slut!“ he sang each time as he honked his horn.

„Fuck you!“ I screamed. „Get off of me!“ I fought against him, kicking at him until I landed a blow right to his face. He stumbled back a bit and I escaped from underneath him before I wriggled away from the other clowns as well. I was free, running down the hall to the back bedroom that I knew belonged to my uncle. I reached it, closing and locking the door behind me. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I stopped, shocked by what I saw. I looked so unlike myself, and so much like a clown. I hated it! I didn't want to be like my parents and family.

I began to look through my uncles' belongings frantically until I hit pay dirt. There, in his nightstand drawer was a gun and the bullets that went with it. I grabbed the gun and made sure it was loaded. I knew what I had to do. I was going to end this shit once and for all!